Caregivers Prevent Errors with this New Way of Dispensing Medication

Estimates show 55 percent of seniors do not follow doctors’ medication instructions. Adverse drug reactions hospitalize an estimated 200,000 older adults yearly. These medication errors can be costly to the health of a patient.

In cases where a patient with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or Parkinson’s, a caregiver may be needed to help administer medication properly.

Caregivers Dispensing Medications

While a caregiver can be assigned to help ensure that seniors take their medication, dispensing the right medications at the right time can be a big burden to bear.

Almost 20 percent of Medicare beneficiaries take 10 or more drugs and supplements. Some medications cannot be taken together and some need to be taken at multiple times throughout the day.

Figuring out which medications need to be taken at which time can be confusing, especially when the caregiver is in charge of more than one patient who takes multiple medications.

The Administration of Medication Should Be Foolproof for the Caregiver

Imagine if a caregiver could instantly know the medication status of every patient. In that instant, they would know:

  • The patient received the previous doses
  • The scheduled time of the next dose
  • The patient’s next dose was already verified by licensed pharmacists

MedBox Makes the Dispensing of Medication Simple

With MedBox, pharmacists sort medications into small packets. Each packet is labeled with the patient’s name, and the time and date the drugs inside need to be taken.

Each packet is checked both by licensed pharmacists and computerized processing to ensure accuracy, so the caregiver only has to worry about administering each packet at correct date and time to the correct patient.

This information is used to determine the contents and timing:

  • List of prescribed medications including dosages, schedules, and special instructions from the prescriber
  • Vitamins and other supplements the patient wishes to take
  • Over-the-counter medicines the patient wants to include

For medication from MedBox, there is one simple instruction: Dispense the contents of the envelope on time.

MedBox Has the Solution to Caregiver Medication Problems
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