Core Values

  • We are dedicated to a lifelong promise of devotion, trust, and service to health care providers and patients
  • As a specialty pharmacy we will always provide personalized consultation and treatment that offers optimal health and well-being for all
  • We provide complimentary home delivery that serves to save you money
  • We honor most insurance plans with the same co-pay and out-of-pocket costs


  • Dedication to a lifelong commitment of learning innovative approaches and technologies while also continuing with existing and proven modalities
  • To empower customers with knowledge and understanding of the pharmacology of each prescribed medication
  • To be the best at what we do in a way that best represents our valued patients

Amir Tabatabai, Pharm-D

  • Education: Howard University, DC
  • Established pharmacy in 2012
  • Enjoys interacting with patients and helping with their needs
  • Originally from Iran, came to the US when he was 18
  • Likes to travel, watch classic movies and spend time with his wife and 2 kids
  • English, Farsi, German

Ben Ahrari – Operations Manager

  • Education: London University
  • Avid Yogi – practice 4x/week
  • Enjoy Cycling/Surfing – living the Redondo Beach life
  • First time father to a beautiful baby girl
  • Favorite Food: Sushi – any restaurant recommendations in the South Bay, let me know!!!

Gordana Cutovic, Pharm-D

  • Education: University of Belgrade, Pharrm-D
  • Originally from Serbia and worked as pharmacist oversees before moving to the US
  • Compassionate and respectful to patients and wants to make sure they live well
  • Wife and mother to 2 amazing children
  • Loves to ski, travel and listen to 80’s music
    English, Russian, Serbo-Croatian

Salma Torres – Partnership Manager

Responsibilities include: Handling prior authorizations for specialty medications so patients can get the therapies they need at the lowest cost.

Fun Fact

  • Loves to garden and quite proud of her green thumb!
  • Passion for interior design
  • Favorite food: Anything Italian or Mexican
  • English, Russian, Serbo-Croatian

Jasmine, Case Manager

Responsibilities include: making sure patients are adherent to medication therapies and working on PA’s to allow medication access for patients

Fun Fact

  • Love to exercise (member of 2 different gyms and exercise daily!)
  • Favorite food is Japanese curry
  • Bucket list travel city is Rome!

Antonia - Case Manager & Pharmacy Technician

Responsibilities include: making sure patients are able to fill their specialty medications and introduce the benefits of Torrance Pharmacy’s services to patients

Fun Fact

  • Born in the Philippines and came to the US in 1995
  • Enjoys trying new recipes from reading online cooking blogs and watching YouTube videos
  • Favorite food is Asian food, especially Japanese

Cassandra – Case Manager

  • Food Cravings for Crab legs EVERY DAY
  • Make-up fanatic…would love to start her own You Tube channel one day
  • Starting in school in June to study Dermatology!

Ryan – Pharmacy Technician

  • Favorite Movie: Breakfast Club
  • Favorite Food: Pizza Pizza Pizza
  • Passion for Classic Cars …vroom vroom!!!

Morad – Pharmacy Technician

  • Originally from Egypt, came to the US in 2013
  • Holds a BS degree in Pharmacy from Cairo University
  • Married with 2 kids (10 year old daughter, 5 year old son)
  • Hobbies include tennis, table tennis and LOTS OF SLEEP!!
  • Bucket list travel destinations include France, Italy and Greece