This New Service Makes Life Easier for Diabetics

A dangerously insidious disease that systematically destroys the body, type 2 diabetes affects millions of Americans, young and old. According to the Mayo Clinic, type 2 diabetes is classified as “a chronic condition that affects the way your body metabolizes sugar.” Symptoms often include increased thirst and hunger, frequent urination, blurred vision, numbness of the limbs and unintended weight loss. Untreated, this disease can cause irreversible damage to the body including kidney failure, neuropathy (nerve damage), eye damage, and slowness to heal, which can lead to limb amputation in severe cases.

Risk Factors and Common Causes

Genetics and a predisposed resistance to insulin (the hormone that helps the body store glucose for energy) can increase one’s risk of acquiring this chronic affliction. The growing epidemic of obesity combined with a commonly sedentary lifestyle also contributes to a higher probability of diagnosis. Aging is another factor that puts individuals at greater risk. National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases states that adults age 45 and older are more prone to developing a resistance to insulin. Unfortunately, no matter the cause, symptoms associated with this condition often go unnoticed or ignored until it is too late.

Getting the Help You Need

Although there is no existing cure for type 2 diabetes, physical activity, a healthy diet, and often, taking medication as prescribed and monitored by a physician can help manage the symptoms and prevent damage caused by this growingly common disease. Managing glucose levels is vital to those living with diabetes. Doctors often prescribe various medications to help regulate blood sugar and other health issues that often accompany diabetes, like high blood pressure. Regular doctor visits are recommended as multiple factors can impact medication dosages necessary to achieve ideal glucose levels.

Challenges and a Unique Solution

As anyone living with diabetes can attest to, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels can be quite troublesome. Skipping a dosage or taking an incorrect dose can cause blood sugar to spike or drop, leading to unwanted side effects. Fortunately, services like MedBox help patients and their caregivers eliminate the uncertainty and inconvenience of managing diabetes through medication. Pre-packaged medications are examined by licensed pharmacists and advanced computer systems to ensure proper dosage and provide a reliable medication schedule. Within the box are individually packed bags small enough for people on the go, clearly labeled by date and time with a detailed list of medications and doses, making it easy to adhere to your prescribed regimen anytime, anywhere.

Simplifying diabetes treatment with MedBox can help patients receive the life-saving care they need. Available at no additional cost with free delivery, there is no reason to go another day without the proper care. Contact MedBox to learn how to get started and begin taking control of your health today!

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